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SAP S/4HANA EWM Kit to Order with VAS Order

Kit to Order comes in handy if you are selling kits to customers that you do not necessarily carry as independent materials in your warehouse. However, since all components of the kit are available in your warehouse, you can build it on demand.With the Kit to Order process in Extended Warehouse Management, you will experience; Increased flexibility in fulfilment of customer-specific requirements. Reduction of inventory cost and freeing up of warehouse space Better ability to respond to late changes by assembling during order fulfilment.


SAP S/4HANA - Serial Number Management

With serial numbers, you can identify material items in the supply chain and track them during goods movement. Serial number improves transparency and visibility for material usage. It helps you meet legal requirements for traceability and sets the foundation for warranty handling.


SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management - Picking with Packing at Work Center

In this video we will look at another of the many picking strategies provided by SAP Extended Warehouse Management; Picking with Packing at Work Center. With this picking strategy, you can pick orders faster, since multiple workers may pick on the same sales order – in parallel. You can increase accuracy through the additional control the packing step provides. Finally, You can easier cater to product and customer-specific packaging requirements.


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SAP Yard Logistics for S/4HANA - Outbound – Pickup of Container

SAP Yard Logistics helps you run your yard operations more efficiently and with better visibility. It accelerates gate-in and gate-out processes and enables more efficient use of assets and areas. SAP Yard Logistics for S/4HANA comes with a range of visualisation and reporting tools. In this video, we explore an outbound process, with a pickup of a container.


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Stock Room Management - What's the deal?

Stock Room Management has been introduced as a successor for WM in SAP S/4HANA. In this video you can learn about: the background for Stock Room Management.

Embedded or Decentralized SAP EWM? That's the question!

Embedded or decentralized EWM? That's the question! In fact, it's such a common question in the area of SAP EWM, that it deserves some attention.

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