Thank you

Even though this website and project is an independent endavour and not directly related to our current employment at SAP, it would not have been possible without the help and support of a large group of colleagues and friends at SAP.

With the risk of leaving someone out.

We would like to thank our managers for always encouraging us to go outside the regular paths and try out things we are not familiar with. This website and project is only one example of that.

Helle Dochedahl, Phil Davies, Kjetil Kverne and Johan Dohlvik

The project would not have been possible without the demo systems provided by SAP Solution Experience. Representing the Solution Experience team at SAP, we would like to mention:

Surya Gottumukkala, Jeff Korol, Stanford Huynh

Likewise, we would like to thank the Solution and Product Management teams and the development organization at SAP, providing the amazing SAP solutions we are proud to present.

Representing an amazing group of people, we would like to mention:

Jörg Michaelis, Peter Flensberg, Christian Stadler, Christian Reinhardt, Ralf Hierzegger

We would also like to give a thank you to some of our closest colleagues that have been very supportive and helpful during this journey:

Jonathan Edgar, Cecile Jouanny, Eduardo Gonzalez Gonzales, Francesco Penza, Sten Sällvik

Last, but not least, we would like to thank every single one that has encourage us to continue our project through likes, re-shares and comments. This is highly appreciated.

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